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Calendar Events for Friday, July 25th 2014

Performances (Click for this month's Performances)
The Barn Players, Inc.*
Noises Off 7:30PM (4.4 of 5)
Blue Springs City Theatre*
Annie 7:30PM (3.5 of 5)
Chestnut Fine Arts Theatre
Amazing Grace 8:00PM (Rate It!)
The Coterie Theatre
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 10:00AM (3.5 of 5)
Kansas City Cappies*
RENT: The School Edition 7:00PM (Rate It!)
KC Fringe Festival*
(Virgin.) 6:00PM (3.9 of 5)
A-Cop-Alypse 9:30PM (4.3 of 5)
Anecdotal 7:30PM (Rate It!)
Audio Cart 6:00PM (4.0 of 5)
Avem 9:00PM (4.5 of 5)
Best of Reel Spirit 7:00PM (Rate It!)
Black Friday 11:00PM (2.8 of 5)
Bond! An Un-Authorised Parody 10:30PM (3.9 of 5)
Can't Ain't Nothing But a Four-Letter Word 9:30PM (4.0 of 5)
Cellular 'Cenes 8:00PM (4.0 of 5)
Cry Havoc 6:00PM (Rate It!)
Dances of India 6:00PM (Rate It!)
Ex-Post Facto 10:30PM (4.0 of 5)
Free to Be KC 7:30PM (4.0 of 5)
Fringe "At Work" 6:30PM (Rate It!)
Gidion's Knot 7:30PM (4.7 of 5)
Glitch! 9:00PM (4.0 of 5)
Green Fish 10:30PM (3.7 of 5)
Indefinite Articles: A Libertarian Rage 8:00PM (4.0 of 5)
Intermission 8:00PM (Rate It!)
Kansas City Jazz & Blues: Past, Present & Future 9:00PM (Rate It!)
KC Magic Cabaret Presents Five Different Shows 10:30PM (5.0 of 5)
Kings Of Israel 9:00PM (3.8 of 5)
Life's Spiral 9:00PM (Rate It!)
Melinda Ryder's Delicious Divas! 6:00PM (5.0 of 5)
Memory and Weather 8:00PM (Rate It!)
mom.com/roadrage 11:00PM (2.3 of 5)
Primal Instinct: Origin of the Pasties 10:30PM (4.1 of 5)
Project Pride Presents Queerios! 7:30PM (4.0 of 5)
Right Between the Ears 7:30PM (5.0 of 5)
Shades of Love 10:30PM (Rate It!)
Shakespeare's Histories 9:30PM (4.0 of 5)
Sing, Sing, Sing 9:00PM (3.8 of 5)
Skin 7:30PM (4.0 of 5)
Spitfire Solo 7:30PM (5.0 of 5)
St. Nicholas 6:30PM (Rate It!)
Stairway to Kevin 2: Heavy Fantasy 6:30PM (4.1 of 5)
Suzette & Co: Dancing from the Heart & Soul 6:30PM (4.0 of 5)
The "Dinner and a Show" Show 6:00PM (4.8 of 5)
The Piano Store Plays 9:00PM (1.5 of 5)
The Submarine Show 6:00PM (5.0 of 5)
Where the Hell's the Bridesmaid? 6:00PM (2.2 of 5)
The Mystery Train
Legally Dead 6:30PM (Rate It!)
New Theatre Restaurant
Smokey Joe's Cafe - The Songs of Leiber & Stoller 6:00PM (3.0 of 5)
Paradise Playhouse Dinner Theatre & Events Center
Weekend Comedy 6:00PM (Rate It!)
Phoenix KC Theatre
Gidion's Knot 7:30PM (5.0 of 5)
River City Community Players
Legally Blonde, the Musical 8:00PM (Rate It!)
Slightly Off Broadway Theatre
Rocky Horror Show 9:00PM (Rate It!)
Starlight Theatre Association
The Sound of Music 8:00PM (Rate It!)

Auditions (Click for this month's Auditions)
New Theatre Restaurant
2014/2015 Season Open Audition 10:00AM

Events (Click for this month's Events)
Alcott Arts Center
World Championship Arm Wrestling Federation 7:30PM
Charlotte Street Foundation
I AM WHAT IíM DOING by Sebura + Gartelmann 6:00PM

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Top Rated Performances

  1. The "Dinner and a Show" Show (4.8)
  2. Hairspray (4.8)
  3. Gidion's Knot (4.7)
  4. Dangerous to Dance With (4.5)
  5. Avem (4.5)
  6. August: Osage County (4.4)
  7. More 4Play: MMM (4.4)
  8. Monty Python's Spamalot (4.4)
  9. Noises Off (4.4)
  10. A-Cop-Alypse (4.3)

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