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KC Fringe Festival
A Solitary Choice

Content Rating: Suitable for Everyone

Type of Performing Arts: Theatre

Written by <Unknown>
Directed by <Unknown>
(Rating: 4.3 | 4 Votes: Rating Closed) | List the 3 Reviews!

Kittens, babies, and sheep. Oh, my!

Posted on Jul 22, 2013
by luvfringefests

4 out of 5

What'a a woman to do with her Solitary Choice?

Marriage, career, investments, sexy Carlos, and a multi-talented suitcase that deserves a Tony Award (as it transitions several times on stage from briefcase to kitten cozy to... you'll have to wait to see it in the final scene).

Besides the fun of partaking in the cultural differences of how Aussies speak compared to Midwesterners, Tamara Lee brings us her performance that was a hit in Edinburg Fringe.

Given the escalating War on Women in US politics, it is especially timely to reflect on how women in Australia deal with their daily realities and their Choice(s).

A dear couple of friends of ours that are professional storytellers give this performance a solid 10. Another friend said she cried and loved it. I give it an 8.5 or 9 out of 10.

There are several spellbinding scenes in this show. One scene by itself was captivating enough to be worth not missing this performance.

Would love to share it with you, but you have to experience it for yourself.

Though won't ruin it by being more specific, consider this comparable case in point: One of my all time favorite plays was at KC Fringe Fest 2 or 3 years ago. In the third or fourth reincarnation scene, our heroine returns to Earth and awakens in a play pen. As the scene fades in, we see a loving young couple reaching in while oohing and cooing at the bundle of joy new addition to their home. About 30-40 seconds into that scene, a wave of audible sighs, gasps, and sounds rolls across as the audience progressively becomes aware that what that couple are adoring isn't a baby, it's a puppy.

Though I'm neither advocating nor rejecting anyone who has reincarnation in their belief system, for me it was a fun first time contemplation from that scene that coming back as a beloved pet (sniffing the grass, chasing tennis balls, excitedly awaiting treats and filled food bowl, and having beloved humans to shower and be showered with unconditional love) could be seen as a reincarnation "vacation" from all the trials and choices that people face in a lifetime.

That brings me back to the scene(s) in A Solitary Choice.
Choose to see it.

Choose to not stay home because you are tired, have chores to catch up on, don't want to miss a program that you could just as easily record... All those to-dos can wait until after the 28th when this year's fest concludes.

Choose to invite a friend to join you. Choose to patiently invite that friend again for some other performance if they're too tired or loaded with to-dos to join you right away.

Choose to say "hi" to the people seated next to you or standing in line awaiting a Fringe performance. Choose to discuss the performances, whether quick fun bits or deeper life lessons therein.


PS On a related note and also at this year's Fringe, one of the IFC Short Films (A Boy and His Dog) ends with a quote that goes something like: People can take a lifetime to learn to be happy and to love. Dogs enter the world already knowing that. That's why they don't need to stick around as long.

That's the power/tao/fun/gift of Fringe. A loaded menu full of wide variety of wonderful performances to make you smile, laugh, cry, think, and enthusiastically share.

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