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Olathe Civic Theatre Association (OCTA)

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500 E Loula St, Olathe, KS, United States
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ADOPTION OF GRIEF - 2018 New Works Playwright Competition Winner Workshop

<p>Local playwright Jessie Salsbury, winner of OCTA’s 2018 New Works Playwright Competition (NWPC), returns for the Winner Workshop - a full-length staged reading of her powerful script, ADOPTION OF GRIEF. Details below:</p><br><p>TWO PERFORMANCES ONLY</p><p>Friday July 13 &amp; Saturday July 14 at 8 pm each night</p><br><p>SUMMARY</p><p>A mother dies, leaving instructions for her daughters to be given to the family that secretly adopted her son years before. The sister of the deceased works to keep her family together, as her nieces, who are Black, will be given to a White family that she doesn’t know. The play addresses the legal, social, and emotional constructs of interracial adoption in these recent times, and what defines family. </p><br><p>THE CAST</p><p>Denise Saylor – Amanda</p><p>Peter Leondedis – Ronald</p><p>Ted Collins – Ward</p><p>Yasmeen Wilcox – Desiree</p><p>Rochelle Petway – Myreen</p><p>Sheridan Mirador – Chad</p><p>Jeannie Blau – Stage Reader</p><br><p>DIRECTOR</p><p>Jo Bledsoe Collins</p><br><p>REGULAR TICKETS: $10 online and at the door <a target="_blank" href="https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Folathetheatre.org%2Fnew-works-winner-workshop-2018%2F&amp;h=AT0KOMGLpxTvkQi4x1TfLmQgv4UaulswF5wmAw5U5u8691W1sTAUUakHXCK_lrd_d2qqm5bPJAdAb9dsaDUalrM6Csdj4CBgpfeVisXEULptBNv750Lza9el7KltW63TKYy1zqtMv3jDxLP7&amp;s=1">http://olathetheatre.org/new-works-winner-workshop-2018/</a></p><br><p>OCTA SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL TICKET PRICE: $5 at the door *Subscribers can also contact tickets@olathetheatre.org or 913-782-2990 to reserve these discounted tickets in advance.</p><br><p>PLAN YOUR VISIT TO OCTA</p><p>Tickets may be purchased with credit card, check, or cash. Free parking is available in the OCTA lot and on the street. Concessions are available for cash donation (recommended $1-$2) and may be taken into the theater.</p><br><p>ABOUT THE NEW WORKS PLAYWRIGHT COMPETITION</p><p>Established in 2016, the New Works Playwright Competition is a unique opportunity for local playwrights to get their name out in the community and have a chance to workshop their production on the OCTA stage. OCTA continues to seek ways to provide aspiring artists opportunities to grow. We feel our unique space and collaborative spirit can provide a safe environment for aspiring playwrights to be heard.</p>

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